Bank Nifty options 22 June 2020

As discussed in morning before open Bank Nifty failed to cross 21321 at open which was easily shorted with 20800 PE , it reached 535 in 15 min. Bank Nifty did managed to cross 21321 in mid day which was again shorted easily for good 300 Points in futures .

Decision range


Support for the day


Resistance for the day



Monday morning blues

Real time updates

I updated 21321 resistance to public before open , Bank Nifty failed around the levels whole day and closed near it. Rest I'll update when I get time

King's Indian weekly challenge week 8 to begin on Tuesday, next week

Week 7 net result = 140%

What is this challenge about

Traders come with a capital as low as 10000 ( provided their broker allows option selling at low margin). It is my personal fun exercise to maximise returns by Thursday close.

Since Week 6 challenge couldn't be held , Week 7 comes with a punch of double lots for double returns to make up for last week.

Option selling is done from Tuesday - Thursday

Results are posted live in public forum

King's Indian challenge Week 1 - 322%

King's Indian challenge Week 2 - 114%

King's Indian challenge Week 3 - 211%

King's Indian challenge Week 4 - 424%

King’s Indian challenge Week 5 - 326%

King Indian challenge week 6 - Not held

King Indian challenge week 7 - 140%

Interested participants may register as soon as possible

How to connect with me

Please don't leave your numbers in comment section. I am not going to add anyone as I don't have enough time. if you wish to connect then leave a message on trading view private message section

Inner circle traders

Only inner circle members have the privilege to receive FII algo levels for #Bank Nifty all day even before open and continuous updates all day. Connect with me for details.

#nifty #bank nifty

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